pendant made of silver 925 & caribbean amber

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Modern pendant made entirely of smooth finished sterling silver 925  with natural Caribbean amber  in honey color.


Item length with the hook: 2 1/5 inch = 5.5 cm
Approx item weight: 13.5 grams
Length of stone: 1 14/25 inch = 3.9 cm
Width of the stone:  23/25 inch = 2.3 cm
The thickness of the stone:  12/25 inch = 1.2 cm

Excellent quality guaranteed.For each product we add an elegant gift box and jewelry tag.

The stone comes with the certificate of authenticity. Caribbean amber is 3-4 million years old and therefore younger than the famous Nordic amber which is 30-50 million years old. Amber gets harder in time so naturally, being relatively young, the Caribbean amber is not as hard as older Baltic amber.

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